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The Expat Experience- Expat Blogs

Being an expat and working abroad has its rewards. Are you making the most of them? Whether you are about to relocate or already living in your host country, our list of expat blogs will help you in making a smooth transition and have the best experience living abroad.

Five Free Personal Finance Apps for Expats to Manage Money Abroad

Chances are, if you’re living and working away from home you’ve had to spend some time considering your financial situation.

Expat Travel - Top 10 remarkable airports in the world

Whether you are a business traveller or an expat making trips to and from your new home, RL360 has put together a list of some of the most notable examples of fantastic or unusual airports across the globe, that you may find interesting.

Ten of the best places for expats to live and work

These are not the cheapest places to live but they are locations that offer good value in terms of quality of life and taxes. If you are considering a move abroad here are our top 10 best places to live as an expat and why.

Top excuses for filing a tax return late

RL360 has been reviewing some of the more colourful excuses HMRC says it has received from taxpayers who fail to file their tax return.

Tax considerations for Expats Returning to the UK

Every year, many UK expats return to the UK without having robust tax planning measures in place or being fully aware of the tax system that they will be subject to going forward. Unintended tax consequences can arise and this can be quite a shock for expats that may have worked in a low or zero tax country for many years.

Finding a financial adviser

What to look out for when you’re researching your independent financial adviser and the important questions to ask them when you meet.

Working abroad

Working abroad has its rewards. Be sure to make the most of them.

Find out how our products are specially geared to the needs of expats here and please contact your financial adviser for more information.