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RL360 Quantum Malaysia Regular Savings Plan

A flexible regular savings policy combining choice with quality global funds to help investors build wealth for the future.

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Quick facts

  • USD 350 per month (minimum)
  • 4 policy currencies
  • 350+ funds
  • Up to 102% premium allocation
  • Premium incentive
  • Loyalty bonus
  • Online switching

Please read the product literature for full details

RL360 Quantum Malaysia is a quality product for those who wish to save for their future regularly but flexibly - perhaps to supplement savings outside of a pension or other tax-advantaged vehicles. It provides the potential to build up cash for substantial future expenditures, such as paying school or university fees, or supplementing income in retirement.

Retirement planning

Unlike a pension, Quantum Malaysia has the potential to provide much greater flexibility: you can make withdrawals at any time after the initial allocation period. And, more importantly, there is no obligation to purchase an annuity at the end of the premium term.

Education planning

Confucius said that if you want to know where your riches are buried, look inside your children’s heads. Scholars assume he was talking about the value of education. We suspect he might also have had the cost in mind. Because, sadly, a good education can be eye-openingly expensive.

Here are some of the main costs you could have to meet. School entrance fees; tuition fees; boarding fees (if applicable); further costs including uniforms and sports kit, transportation, trips, and other extracurricular (and often extraordinarily expensive) activities. Visit our education fees calculator to see what all this could mean for you.

General savings

Even if you believe that you have no pressing need to save, it’s never a bad idea to accumulate wealth. RL360 Quantum Malaysia offers a disciplined saving routine which, in turn, can leave you with a warm glow. And, as your regular saving becomes habit you'll be helping to safeguard yourself against unexpected expenses such as medical bills.

For more details, go to the Quantum Malaysia Features page. or alternatively download the Quantum Malaysia literature suite.

Important Information

This is only a summary and general introduction to Quantum Malaysia. You should speak to your financial adviser and read the literature suite before making an investment decision. We can only accept business that is introduced via a financial adviser.