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Our Views on Technology & the Future

As an international business operating across many time zones, RL360 knows that technology has transformed the way we all live and work. So we’ve put technology – especially through our comprehensive Online Service Centre – at the heart of our service proposition. How else might technology make your life easier in the years to come?


The world in 2025. Do you have a 10 year plan?

Flying cars and robots doing your washing up - it’s the future we’ve been promised for some decades. So where will technology really be in 2025 and how might it affect the way we do business? In the first of a series of articles, RL360 asks “Do you have a 10 year plan?”

Top Gadgets for business

Gadgets can be a baffling subject to tackle, especially when, in this ever-changing world of technological advancement, there are so many out there. So, to make life easier, RL360 has stepped in to pare them down to the top 10 most useful business gadgets.

The smartphone of the future

Mobile phones are the fastest growing man-made phenomenon we’ve ever seen and commentators are forever asking “what more can a smartphone actually do?” The reality is the possibilities are almost unlimited. Features and functions we still associate with science fiction may become reality sooner than we think. RL360 has narrowed down some of the more interesting options in its article The Smartphone of the Future.


Social media and business

Social media has rapidly become an integral part of our everyday lives over the last 10 years or so but, depending on whether or not you use it correctly, it can be the best or the worst thing for your business. RL360 takes a detailed look at how can it best be harnessed to serve an effective business purpose.

Top 10 – things your smartphone will replace in the next 10 years

Our phones are fast becoming a one-stop-shop for all of our everyday needs. Cameras, calculators, diaries, sat-nav and even torches have gone (or are going) the way of the Dodo, all replaced by the ubiquitous smartphone. So what else might your mobile phone replace in the next 10 years? RL360 has compiled a Top 10 list of future uses for smartphones.


Business travel: making your tech work for you

Business travel can be stressful enough at the best of times, so don’t let technology worries tangle you up even further. RL360 knows tech can make or break a trip and so it has put together a handy guide to making your tech work for you on the go. There are even some tips for some really useful travel gadgets you’ll want to pack for your next trip. Read RL360’s travel tips article and maximise your productivity while on the move.


A quick and easy guide to online dealing

RL360 has worked hard to lead the way in areas such as online dealing, switching and back office solutions and that’s going to continue with the launch of the first straight through online application via our mobile app in early 2016. For a company working across many different jurisdictions and time zones, a comprehensive and forward-thinking online service is key. Register for our Online Service Centre and stay up-to-date with all the latest developments.