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RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions funds

The world of investment choice and portfolio performance can be confusing, especially when you are at the beginning of your investment journey. Our Model Portfolio Solutions Funds could provide you with a ready-made solution to fit your risk profile.


Your fund choice matters

The funds available to your RL360 plan are provided by some of the world’s leading asset managers. The range has been designed to provide you with a wide choice of options covering a variety of risk profiles, asset classes, sectors and regions. Diversifying your plan across several different fund styles can be a wise move to help smooth the returns on your investments. 


However, selecting a good combination from a range of funds can be tricky. You must consider a number of elements to ensure that your portfolio works for you.


Some things are just better together

We understand that picking a range of funds from scratch is not always easy. That's why RL360 has teamed up with BlackRock, one of the world's largest asset managers*, to offer you some alternative managed fund options - the RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Funds (the “RL360 MPS Funds”). 


Powered by asset allocation from BlackRock, the RL360 MPS Funds invest in a well-diversified mix of active and passive, ESG-integrated**, collective investment funds from the BlackRock stable and are expertly crafted to meet a range of objectives and risk tolerances, making it simple for you to pick a solution that aligns with your investment goals, all in a neatly wrapped package with an annual management charge of only 1%.


Exclusive product availability

Launched in March 2023, the RL360 MPS Funds are currently only available through one of the following RL360 unit-linked products:  


  • Regular Savings Plan
  • Oracle
  • LifePlan
  • Quantum
  • Paragon


Building on BlackRock's risk-modelling expertise

There are three RL360 MPS Funds available, each designed to target a volatility threshold and ensure that risk remains within the selected tolerance. 


Utilising BlackRock’s extensive resources, risk-modelling and macro-economic forecasting skills, the asset allocation for each strategy is rebalanced quarterly by BlackRock (or more frequently depending on market conditions) - we then reflect those asset allocation changes within the RL360 MPS Funds. This means that you need only select the relevant RL360 MPS Fund and we will do the rest. This can take the stress out of selecting individual funds from our standard fund range and provides you with a diversified solution in a single investment option.


The RL360 MPS Funds to choose from

You can select from the following RL360 MPS Funds, all priced in US Dollar:


RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Conservative USD USDA lower risk model designed for those investors willing to accept lower returns for a higher degree of securityMPS1U1.00%
RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Balanced USDUSDA medium risk model designed for those investors who will accept a moderate level of risk in return for a moderate level of growthMPS2U1.00%
RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Growth USDUSDA higher risk model designed for those investors willing to take on a higher level of risk in return for the potential of higher growthMPS3U1.00%


The RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Funds are managed and provided by RL360 Insurance Company Limited (‘RL360’) and utilise asset allocations provided by BlackRock. BlackRock does not provide any service or product to you.


Behind the asset allocation 

Each portfolio for the RL360 MPS Funds is constructed using around 15-20 BlackRock collective investment funds, including iShares index funds, covering a wide range of asset classes, sectors and regions, offering a well-diversified portfolio. The BlackRock asset allocation team aims to generate alpha in areas where it believes it can outperform the market, and uses iShares passive index funds where it seeks to simply gain sector exposure. The model portfolios are not tied to set percentages for equities, bonds and cash like many traditional multi-asset funds, driven by their volatility targets.


A ready-made, credible alternative for you with diversification taken care of. BlackRock will manage the asset allocation so you don't have to. 



Where to find more information

The RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Fund Guide provides you with more details, including the current asset allocation of each model. The guide is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese:



Each fund guide will be updated quarterly after rebalancing has taken place. 


The RL360 MPS Funds can also be found alongside the other individual funds, for the products mentioned above, within our Morningstar powered product fund centres, which are online dynamic fund screening and analysis tools. Please note that as the RL360 MPS Funds were launched in March 2023, initially only short-term performance history will be available.


We recommend you discuss your options with your financial adviser first before deciding if the RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Funds are right for you.






* BlackRock: $8.59 trillion assets under management as at 31/12/22

** ESG (environmental, social and governance) - a set of standards used to measure the ethical corporate behaviour and social responsibility of an organisation. 


Investment involves risk. Diversification and asset allocation may not fully protect you from market risk. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance and you may not get back the amount invested. The performance of the RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Funds will go up and down. Past performance may not be repeated and should not be used as a guide to future performance. RL360 is not responsible for, and will not compensate you in relation to, the performance of the RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Funds.


The RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Funds are managed and provided by RL360 Insurance Company Limited (‘RL360’) and utilise asset allocations provided by BlackRock. BlackRock does not provide any service or product to you and has not considered the suitability of its asset allocations against individual needs, objectives and risk tolerances for investors. As such, BlackRock’s asset allocations do not constitute investment advice or an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.


iShares® and BlackRock® are registered trademarks of BlackRock, Inc. and its affiliates (‘BlackRock’) and are used under license. BlackRock is not affiliated with RL360 and therefore makes no representations or warranties regarding the advisability of investing in any product or service offered by RL360. BlackRock has no obligation or liability in connection with the operation, marketing, trading or sale of such product or service nor does BlackRock have any obligation or liability to any client or customer of RL360.


RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Fund Guide