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This is only a summary and general introduction to RL360 PIMS. You should speak to your financial adviser and read the RL360 PIMS literature suite before making an investment decision. We can only accept business that is introduced via a financial adviser.

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A quick and easy way to research and analyse funds and monitor their performance.

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Guidance notes:

You should always consult your financial adviser before making any changes to your policy. 


  • All underlying data is supplied by Morningstar and RL360 cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.
  • Performance tabs are calculated in fund currency and are not rebased. Performance statistics include the fund's own management charges, but excludes any RL360 product charges and are calculated in the asset currency, NAV to NAV, on a total return basis.
  • A Key Investor Information Document (KIID) 'risk rating' is generally only available for UCITS funds.
  • Some funds are priced in minor currency and some in major currency, for example GBX is used to represent 'pence' and GBP is used to represent 'pounds sterling'.
  • You can use the charting tool to track historic prices and download them into excel. Chart performance is initially displayed in the currency of the first fund you select to chart, and will rebase multi-selected funds into that currency. To rebase the performance to a currency of your choosing, click on 'Chart Settings', then 'Plot Types' within the interactive chart window.
  • The fund factsheet available on most tabs will be a RL360 version based on Morningstar data, but you can view the fund managers factsheet, prospectus and KIID via the 'Documents' tab.
  • An initial charge may apply to funds where a discount is not available to RL360. The RL360 factsheet will display the charge applicable and is called 'Initial Charge RL360*'.
  • You can print a fund performance bulletin that contains cumulative, annualised and discrete returns for all funds, per product, in one booklet. This means the bulletin will contain many pages, so think before you print!
  • This does not cover all of the funds or assets available to PIMS.


User guide

Find out how to make the best use of the free tools available to you for fund selection and ongoing performance monitoring, our Fund Centre user guide is available to view here.