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Top 10 things your smartphone will replace in the next 10 years

Our phones are fast becoming a one-stop-shop for all of our everyday needs. Cameras, calculators, diaries, sat-nav and even torches have gone (or are going) the way of the Dodo, all replaced by the ubiquitous smartphone. So what else might your mobile phone replace in the next 10 years? RL360 has compiled a Top 10 list of future uses for smartphones.

As cell phones became “smart” phones they incorporated more and more features that have effectively replaced a whole range of standalone items that we used to need. Cameras, calculators, diaries, sat-nav and even torches have gone (or are going) the way of the Dodo, all replaced by the ubiquitous smart phone.

So what else might your mobile phone replace in the next 10 years? Of course, it’s only our opinion, what do you think?

1. Credit cards

It’s already arrived – Google Wallet has already transformed your phone into a credit card. With Visa, Mastercard and PayPal investing in similar technology, it looks like the days of paying by plastic are numbered.

2. Passwords

The iPhone 5 introduced us to fingerprint security and this and retina recognition security will become widespread on phones of the future. This kind of biometric ID is a far more effective identification than a user name and a password, so expect access to your phone to become your unique ID.

3. Passport

Given your phone will be uniquely associated to you through biometric security access, why would we need a Passport to prove our identity when travelling?

4. Keys

In the longer term we can expect to use our phone to unlock our front doors. Before then expect this technology to be used in hotels and for keyless entry into cars.

5. GPs

The market for mobile health apps like Apple’s Healthkit and Google’s Fit is expected to be worth $20 billion by 2018. Using sensors to monitor your health and fitness levels, these apps really might give new meaning to the phrase an Apple a day keeps the doctor away!

6. Light switches

Smartphone controlled lighting is already with us, but with the cost of sensors plummeting they’re likely to become affordable to us all.

7. Remote controls

Separate or even universal remote controls are set to be consigned to the dustbin and replaced by an app on your phone, which can be voice activated. Tip – don’t let your children get this app!

8. Tablets / TVs / Laptops / PCs

With the likelihood of flexible/foldable larger screens and/or built-in projectors on your mobile phone, the need for other devices becomes increasingly less compelling.

9. Phones

Like a modern day Oedipus, next generation smartphones may actually kill off their parent. With texting over-taking talking, the massive rise in Instant Messaging and free voice over WiFi packages, your smartphone in the future may no longer feature a phone at all!

10. Friends/socialising

Now we admit this is a bit of a stretch, but bear with us. With the rise and anticipated increased sophistication of voice control software, expect conversations with your phone’s virtual interface – like Apple’s Siri – to become ever more 2 way and meaningful. Check out the 2013 film “Her” if you don’t believe us. You have been warned!

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