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Top Gadgets for business

Gadgets can be a baffling subject to tackle, especially when, in this ever-changing world of technological advancement, there are so many out there. So, to make life easier, RL360 has stepped in to pare them down to the top 10 most useful business gadgets.

Fuelling your productivity in the workplace comes down to one thing: making sure you have the right equipment around you. There are countless gadgets on the market, some are downright ridiculous and some are out of this world expensive, but which ones do you actually need?


RL360 has put together a list of must have gadgets to keep you at your most productive.



The iPad created a whole new market, leaving competitors struggling to keep up. This is a tablet that allows you to do design work, large word documents, as well as answering emails and checking social media. It soon becomes a necessity, and you begin to wonder how you ever lived without it.


The Cloud

Storage on smart devices is lacking but utilising the Cloud can free up that much needed space and if used correctly, data can be kept completely secure. When travelling, keeping an up to date version of a document can be a difficult thing to do manually, but the Cloud maintains and syncs all of your changes over multiple devices automatically, and you can share documents with the relevant people and see the changes as they happen.


Luggage tracker tags

Luggage tags can now tell you exactly where your bag is, the more sophisticated ones have screens which change when you transfer flights, adding a little more reassurance. If the baggage handlers don’t know where your bags are supposed to be, it’s okay because your bag can tell them!



Trying to find Wi-Fi hotspots that are unsecured and with decent signal is the definition of a First World Problem. Welcome MiFi into your lives, with your personal router and a mobile internet sim card, and never be disconnected again.


Sound cancelling headphones

There are moments in life that need silence. When working on something that needs your undivided attention, that conversation across the office can suddenly become extremely irritating. Sound cancelling headphones give you the option to shut the rest of the world out and focus on what’s in front of you.


Portable keyboard

Using a portable keyboard gives your tablet the same basic capabilities as a laptop with a fraction of the weight. Perfect for sitting in a meeting or completing the report with the looming deadline, whilst on the go.


Power banks

Scrambling around trying to find a plug socket in a meeting is not a good impression to give. Power banks can charge your phone or tablet almost as quickly as a plug socket, and the fact they can fit in your pocket is a bonus. There are also cases that not only protect your phone but charge and almost double your storage capacity.


Secure USB

Transporting sensitive data whilst travelling is a risk, one that makes many people feel uncomfortable. All that can go away with something small enough to fit on your keys – a secure USB. Fitted with either a data encryption service or a hardware chip, these devices can be secure enough to pass government regulations. Never worry about leaking data again.


Pocket Printer

Forgot to print out something really important? You can now print while on a high speed train or even in a client’s home with ease with a pocket printer. These devices are small enough to fit in your laptop bag and work wirelessly, allowing you to print for up to an hour. 


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