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Important - financial advice

This product is closed to new business. We recommend that you speak to your financial adviser before making any investment decisions.

RL360 Protected Lifestyle Lebanon - Introduction



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Protected Lifestyle Lebanon was predominantly a protection based policy, similar to our new business protection policy LifePlan Lebanon. It provided various benefits such as life and critical illness cover, in return for regular premiums.


The fund range

A minimum of 50% of each premium paid must be invested in our internally managed Lebanese Deposit Fund ("LDF"). Whilst plan owners can choose to invest all their regular payment into the LDF, there is also an external fund range that sits alongside the LDF of which up to 50% of the remaining premium can be invested. The external fund range consists of 35+ direct funds denominated in USD that are managed by established fund groups outside of RL360. The range allows clients to diversify their policy holding across different sectors and geographical regions. There is a 2.5% bid/offer spread applied on switches and new premium payments. 


Our Protected Lifestyle Lebanon Protection Fund Guide provides details for all the options available, including objectives and charges.