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Fund Launch - RL360 Multi-Asset Portfolios

On 21 September 2018, we will be launching a range of 16 multi-asset portfolios as a replacement for the RL360 Capital Protected fund range.

The RL360 Multi-Asset Portfolios (together the "MAP funds") 

We have 16 to choose from, 8 of them with a global investment focus in both USD and GBP, 4 with a US focus in USD and a further 4 with a UK focus in GBP. Each one blends equity, fixed income and cash funds in differing percentages and are numbered 1 to 4. Every month we make sure that the percentages continue to stay the same; this is called rebalancing. Whilst there is no capital protection provided by the MAP funds, series 1 holds 45% in cash funds and is the most cautious of our portfolios. Series 4 holds just 12.5% in cash. 


Choosing the best portfolio for you 

All of our MAP funds aim to marry steady growth with limited volatility, but in general each series, from 1 through to 4, increases in volatility as the equity exposure goes up. Depending on your attitude to risk and your financial objectives you need to decide on which fund or combination of funds is right for you. There are no guarantees but series 4 is likely to offer the greatest potential for long-term growth, whilst series 1 may be suitable if you have a shorter outlook and are looking to consolidate your existing position. 


The MAP funds are daily priced and daily traded providing added flexibility to switch between funds. 


MAP fund rangeCurrency availableInvestment region
RL360 Global Multi-Asset Portfolio 1-4GBPGlobal
RL360 Global Multi-Asset Portfolio 1-4USDGlobal
RL360 UK Multi-Asset Portfolio 1-4GBPUK
RL360 US Multi-Asset Portfolio 1-4USDUS



The MAP funds are subject to ongoing charges which we limit to 1.25% per year, meaning that where the underlying funds have a charge of 0.75% our charge is no more than 0.50%. We don't apply any bid/offer spread charges when you switch into or out of a MAP fund. 


Where to find details of the new MAP Funds 

A Multi-Asset Portfolio (MAP) Fund Guide has been produced which details the investment objectives, asset allocations and costs of the new fund options. The guide also provides simulated performance and is intended to provide an indication as to how the portfolio would have performed if it had been launched five years ago. 


A sample of the policyholder letter can be viewed opposite.