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Important Information

This is only a summary and general introduction to our Regular Savings Plan. You should speak to your financial adviser and read the product literature suite before making an investment decision. We can only accept business that is introduced via a financial adviser.

Retirement Planning

A Regular Savings Plan can help provide peace of mind that you will achieve your financial goals and enjoy a comfortable retirement


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Have you started saving for retirement yet - If not, why not?


For many people retirement is an event way out on the horizon. However, as the old saying goes, “time and tide wait for no one” so it’s easy to neglect plans for retirement whilst you focus on the events of the here and now. 


Starting Early


Clearly the sooner you start saving, the greater the chance of building a nest egg to fund a long and happy retirement. So, whenever you decide to retire, making sure you have enough money to maintain a comfortable lifestyle shouldn’t be underestimated.


Plan for a longer retirement


People are living longer today than at any other time so without a retirement plan in place, they may need to work longer to support themselves financially during retirement. 


In addition, many people can no longer rely on their own government to help support them in retirement as they continue to increase the national retirement age.


Whatever you dream of in retirement, our Regular Savings Plan can help whether that means:


  • Ticking experiences off your bucket list
  • Having the financial freedom to spend time with family and friends
  • Removing the burden of financial strain as generations are living longer
  • The ability to pay for ongoing medical costs


Our Regular Savings Plan is designed for investors looking to save over the medium to long term.



Plan today for a better tomorrow.