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Important - financial advice

These products are closed to new business. We recommend that you speak to your financial adviser before making any investment decisions.


Introduction (SL)

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The following products were sold under the Scottish Life Assurance Company (SL) brand, but administered by Scottish Life International, and are now closed to new business. They were limited issue bonds which provided access to a short term investment, the return of which was based on the performance of a particular stock market between a set commencement and maturity date (typically 5 or 6 years): 


  • UK Deposit Bonus Bond
  • Income Bonus Bond
  • Income Bonus Bond Series 2 and 3


Royal London Life Fund factsheets 

Policyholders who did not encash their bond upon investment maturity are now invested in one of the following Royal London Life funds. Click the fund name below to access the dynamic factsheet: 


RLL UK Equity Fund 

RLL Deposit Fund