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RL360 launches its new tablet app for Quantum applications

RL360 has launched a tablet app, which will allow applications for our flagship regular premium savings product RL360 Quantum to be submitted instantly online.

The easy-to-use paperless system will save time and money and will provide a flexible and secure solution for both advisers and their policyholders.


Tablet App Key Benefits


The new tablet app:


Reduces hassle – it enables the user to work offline and use helpful shortcuts to speed up preparing an application. Evidence can be captured and certified directly on the device.

Improves acceptance – the app’s built in validation checks help applications come in right, first time.

Provides for secure submission – application and supporting documents are encrypted and sent in directly to us.

Saves time and money – it eliminates the need for costly couriers by allowing applications to be submitted instantly online.

Is flexible – however an adviser prepares and submits new business, our flexible system can adapt to their needs.

Tracks applications – users can watch an application’s progress and upload any outstanding requirements.

Is available on Apple and Android – the free app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or the Play Store.

Allows 24/7 document access – advisers and clients can access policy documents online throughout the lifetime of the policy.


"Advisers are adopting technology with a passion as they aim for ever higher standards of professionalism," said RL360 Director of Customer Services Denzil Williams. “Our tablet app offers a totally paperless application process. It eliminates the need for wet signatures and data and evidence can be collected electronically and, if necessary, offline too.”


Other RL360 products will be made available via an app in future.


The RL360 Quantum app has been launched following the introduction of our desktop online application system in May 2016.


To begin submitting RL360 Quantum applications online, an adviser must have terms of business with RL360 and be registered to use our Online Service Centre (OSC).


Once registered, the app can be downloaded for free after which the adviser can contact RL360 for activation. However an adviser’s business is structured, the app’s set up can be modified to fit their particular requirements.