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RL360 launches interactive fund centres for policyholders

Giving you the tools you need to keep you better informed about your investments


We’re excited to be giving our policyholders, who invest in our guided-architecture products, interactive fund research tools for the first time.


You can access these from our Public website, and also via the Online Service Centre (OSC) whenever you are logged in. If you have not yet signed up to the OSC, now’s your chance!


The fund centres, supported by leading data provider Morningstar®, will allow you to keep a close eye on the performance of funds within your policy, as well as investigate and analyse new choices.



Fund centres are available for Oracle, Paragon, Quantum, PIMS Focused, LifePlan, Protected Lifestyle Lebanon, Protected Lifestyle, Kudos, Preference, Prosper, SPILA funds and our newly launched product Quantum Malaysia.


So, whichever of these products you invest in we’ve got you covered.



Each fund centre allows you to see the full list of funds acceptable for each product. To find a fund quickly you can filter by its name, ISIN, currency, sector or fund group. You can also use the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) Risk Rating, where this is supplied, if you are looking for cautious or more adventurous fund choices.


The fund centres allow to you to:


  • View daily prices and performance on screen, over a variety of time periods, so you can monitor how your funds are doing. All columns can be data sorted
  • View and print factsheets, prospectuses and KIIDs
  • Print your own fund performance bulletin – performance will be based on the last unit price closing value
  • Create an interactive graph of funds – you can even extract the fund history into excel
  • Use the ‘Fund Compare’ function to analyse up to 5 funds side by side, view their top 10 holdings, sector splits, performance and charges
  • Use the ‘X-Ray’ function to create a portfolio of up to 10 funds and analyse various aspects of the portfolio’s composition as a whole. Helps demonstrate how combinations of funds can perform as an aggregate and how diverse your portfolio really is. And all in a printable format.


So get analysing - check out the fund centres today!



And there’s further good news as we also have future plans to integrate some of the Morningstar functionality into the OSC, starting with the X-Ray function. This will give you a much more detailed picture of your own portfolio of funds you invest in – and you’ll be able to generate this by going to your policy online and clicking once.



You can only take out an RL360 policy through an intermediary so, if you’re not yet taking advantage of the benefits of one of our products, contact an independent financial adviser and take it from there. You can then register with our OSC and take full advantage of its wide ranging policy servicing facilities. Not only that, but you’ll be able to make the very best of your investments with the help of our interactive fund centres.