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Our new online credit card payment facilities

We’ve made some changes to the way you, as a plan owner, can make credit card payments on your plans online.

Plan owners can now: 


  • Add a new card or make a certain card a default.
  • Delete a card.
  • Change their payment method to credit card payment.
  • Suspend payments on their card.
  • Apply or request to reinstate a lapsed policy and start paying by credit card.
  • Check information such as next payment date/collection date.
  • Find out if there has been a failed attempt to make a collection.


The aim of making the changes is to make life easier for our customers. Plan owners signed up to our Online Service Centre will have 24 hour access to the system. This will mean an improvement in premium collections and fewer plan lapses as a result of failures to update credit card details. 


The changes will also benefit advisers as they will have read only access to the above information to allow them to monitor any changes made. A second phase of changes to our credit card system will, in due course, provide advisers with the same access as plan owners, provided they are the plan’s servicing agent. 


We have put together a handy guide for you to explain credit card functionality on the Online Service Centre.