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Fund Prospectus Changes - VAM Driehaus funds

Effective 31 December 2017, VAM Driehaus are making changes to Appendix II of the fund prospectus.

Impacts on
these guided-architecture products

Summary of the changes: 

On 31 December 2017, VAM will be changing Appendix II of the fund prospectus from: 

"The Fund may hold ancillary liquid assets. Under normal market conditions, investment in liquid assets and debt instruments of any kind will not exceed 15% of the Fund's net assets. These may be composed of interest bearing assets such as debt securities, treasury bills, other money market instruments and deposits with credit institutions." 



"The Fund may, for defensive purposes and on a temporary basis, invest 100% of its assets in liquid assets such as short-term fixed income instruments, money market instruments, deposits, money market UCIs or cash." 


The board of directors of the Company believes that the above changes are in the best interests of the shareholders of the Sub-Fund. 


The shareholder notification can be viewed opposite. 



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