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Change of brand - Invesco Perpetual

Invesco Perpetual will say goodbye to 'Perpetual' in their name when they move to a unified global brand - "Invesco" - with effect from 1 October 2018

Impacts on
these guided-architecture products

Impacts on
open architecture products including

  • PIMS
  • Choice
  • Select

Reason behind the brand change

Invesco believe that operating under a single brand will allow it to better differentiate itself in the marketplace, strengthen its message to the market and contribute to a more consistent client experience. 


The move to one brand will impact its ICVC fund names (i.e. Invesco Perpetual). 


The name of each Invesco Perpetual Investment Series and sub-funds will be changing. Full details are available in the Invesco notification opposite. 


Note that ISINs and Sedol numbers remain unchanged it is only the fund name which is changing slightly.


Funds featured in our guided-architecture fund ranges

We have a number of funds across our guided fund ranges affected by the change. 


We will update fund names on or around the 1 October 2018 on our systems and fund centres. 





Current ICVC nameNew ICVC nameProduct
Invesco Perpetual Corporate Bond Acc GBPInvesco Corporate Bond (UK) Acc GBPKudos
Invesco Perpetual High Income Acc GBPInvesco High Income (UK) Acc GBPKudos
Invesco Perpetual Income & Growth Acc GBPInvesco Income & Growth (UK) Acc GBPPreference
Invesco Perpetual Income Acc GBPInvesco Income (UK) Acc GBPKudos
Invesco Perpetual Japan Acc GBPInvesco Japan (UK) Acc GBPPreference
Invesco Perpetual Money Acc GBPInvesco Money (UK) Acc GBPPreference and Kudos
Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income Plus Acc GBPInvesco Monthly Income Plus (UK) Acc GBPKudos
Invesco Perpetual UK Focus Acc GBPInvesco UK Focus (UK) Acc GBPOracle, Paragon, Quantum and Quantum Malaysia
Invesco Perpetual UK Growth Acc GBPInvesco UK Growth (UK) Acc GBPOracle, Paragon, Quantum and Quantum Malaysia
Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller Companies Acc GBPInvesco UK Smaller Companies (UK) Acc GBPOracle, Paragon, Quantum and Quantum Malaysia, LifePlan, Protected Lifestyle and Preference