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Change to investment policy – Schroder funds

Schroder has announced a change to the investment policies of its range of unit trusts which took effect from 7 August 2019.

Impacts on
these guided-architecture products

Impacts on
open architecture products including

  • PIMS
  • Choice
  • Select

Funds available in our guided-architecture products

The Funds can be found in our guided architecture products Kudos and Preference. A list of the affected funds can be found in the table below. 


You can view a copy of the Schroder notification documents opposite. 


Fund name

Schroder Global Healthcare Fund 

Schroder UK Smaller Companies Fund 

Schroder UK Mid 250 Fund 

Schroder UK Alpha Plus Fund


Funds available in our open-architecture products

Various funds in our open-architecture products will be subject to an investment policy wording update. 


Please see the Schroder notification attached opposite for further information. 



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