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Change to fund name and investment policy – Invesco Asia Balanced fund

Invesco has announced a change to the fund name and investment policy of its Invesco Asia Balanced fund which will take affect from 14 August 2020.

Impacts on
these guided-architecture products

Impacts on
open architecture products including

  • PIMS
  • Choice
  • Select

Funds available in our open-architecture products

Various funds in our open-architecture products will be subject to changes detailed in the Invesco notification documents opposite.


Funds available in our guided-architecture products

The Invesco Asia Balanced fund can be found in our guided architecture products Oracle, Paragon, Quantum, Quantum Malaysia, Regular Savings Plan and Regular Savings Plan Malaysia. A comparison of the current fund name and the revised changes that will be applied to the fund are detailed in the table below. 


You can view a copy of the Invesco notification documents opposite. 


Current fund nameNew fund name
Invesco Asia Balanced fund

Invesco Asia Asset Allocation fund



Upcoming change to investment policy
From 14 August 2020, the investment objective and policy of the Invesco Asia Balanced fund will be changed with a view to reduce downward risks and volatility, stabilise risk-adjusted returns and optimise income delivery by introducing the use of a risk management overlay. Under exceptional circumstances (e.g. market crash or major crisis), the Invesco Asia Balanced fund may be positioned defensively with up to 100% of its NAV in cash, cash equivalent, short term debt securities, other Money Market Instruments as well as other Transferable Securities, which are expected to have a low correlation to traditional equity and debt indices. As a result of the above changes and notably the use of risk management overlay, the Invesco Asia Balanced fund will use derivative instruments for investment purposes as well as for efficient portfolio management and hedging purposes. Such investment will however be restricted to 40% of the NAV of the Invesco Asia Balanced fund, as measured by the commitment approach.



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