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Liquidation distribution February 2018 - EEA Life Settlement Run-Off Cells

Circular to all registered shareholders of The International Mutual Fund PCC Limited Mansion Student Accommodation Fund.

Impacts on
portfolio bonds including:

  • PIMS
  • Select
  • Choice

The Fund is pleased to confirm that it is distributing in aggregate approximately $15.1 million (equating to approximately 10.3% of the 31 January 2018 NAV per Share of Run-Off Cells) to those persons registered as holders of Run-Off Shares as at 12 February 2018, by way of compulsory redemption of a portion of each holder’s Run-Off Shares. 


The amount which will effectively be distributed on a per Run-Off Share basis is as follows: 



Run-Off CellEffective distribution per Run-Off Share
Euro Fund Acc Run-Off Cell€6.74
Euro Fund Class X Run-Off Cell€10.11
Euro Fund Class Y Run-Off Cell€6.58
Euro Fund Dist Run-Off Cell€6.85
Meteor Senior Life Sett GBP Run-Off Cell£10.10
Meteor Senior Life Sett GBP Run-Off Fund II£9.04
Sterling Fund Acc Run-Off Cell£10.98
Sterling Fund Class X Run-Off Cell£9.74
Sterling Fund Dist Run-Off Cell£7.31
Swedish Krona Fund Class X Run-Off CellSEK 7.69
USD Fund Acc Run-Off Cell$7.87
USD Fund Class I Run-Off Cell$8.91
USD Fund Class X Run-Off Cell$10.55
USD Fund Dist Run-Off Cell$6.66
WAY Life Settlements Fund Run-Off Cell£8.41


Payment of proceeds will be made as soon as practicable, subject to receipt of any requested original paperwork. 


If you hold this fund in your portfolio bond, once RL360 receive proceeds we will pay these into the cash account on your bond.