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RL360 celebrates success of Blackrock-powered MPS Funds

Celebrate the success of Blackrock-powered MPS Funds with RL360. 

A year on from the launch of our RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions Funds, powered by BlackRock, we’re celebrating their success.


Since we launched the MPS Funds in March 2023, we have seen almost 300 policies invest just over £4.5 million into the three funds. 


The Funds have performed well over the year, with the Conservative fund returning 9.64%, the Balanced returning 13.3% and the Growth 16.67%*.


‘We are delighted with the success of the RL360 Model Portfolio Solutions funds since their launch last year, with solid take-up and a lot of interest,’ said Chris Corkish, RL360’s Investment Marketing Manager. ‘Whilst past performance is no indication of future performance, the funds have provided strong returns and have navigated through challenging market conditions, validating the choice of BlackRock as the asset allocation decision-makers.’


We’ve also put together a new promotional video about the funds. The video focusses on the convenience and performance benefits to clients. It also highlights the funds are managed by BlackRock, one of the world’s largest asset managers.


The RL360 MPS Funds are available through the following RL360 unit-linked products:  



Powered by asset allocation from BlackRock, the RL360 MPS Funds invest in a well-diversified mix of active and passive, ESG-integrated, collective investment funds from the BlackRock stable and are expertly crafted to meet a range of objectives and risk tolerances.


*Figures as at 31 March 2024.