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Notification of change to the Janus Henderson Pan European Absolute Return Fund

Janus Henderson Investors ("Janus Henderson") have notified us of an upcoming update to the prospectus of their Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Absolute Return Fund. The update will take effect from 10 November 2023 (the “Effective Date”).


The Fund can be found in our defined fund range products Oracle, Paragon, Quantum (including Malaysia variants), Regular Savings Plan (including Malaysia variants) and Kudos.


Fund NameISIN
Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Absolute Return A2 Acc EURLU0264897617




From the Effective Date Janus Henderson will be updating the prospectus on their Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Absolute Return Fund. The level of expected leverage of the Fund will be increased from 150% to 200%. The increase is required to allow the Investment Manager the ability to compete with the relatively high total returns provided by cash benchmarks during the current period of high interest rates. The change does not represent a change to the investment strategy of the Fund, nor is it not expected to have a significant impact on the risk profile of the Fund.


This update is not expected to result in any significant changes to the way in which the Fund is currently managed or its risk profile. Please refer to the Janus Henderson Notification opposite for full details of the changes.


You do not need to take any action if you are happy with the above update on the Fund. However, you can switch to an alternative fund available to your plan, free of charge, should you wish to.




The Fund can be accessed through our portfolio bonds and will be subject to the update detailed in the Janus Henderson Notification opposite.


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