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Change of name to UBS (Lux) Money Market Sustainable Fund

UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) (the "Company") has notified us that it will be changing the name of its UBS (Lux) Money Market Sustainable Fund (the “Fund”). This will take effect 15 December 2023 (the “Effective Date”).



The Fund can be found in various currencies in our defined fund range products Oracle, Paragon, Quantum (including Malaysia variants), Regular Savings Plan (including Malaysia variants), Protected Lifestyle, LifePlan and Kudos.




The Company has notified us it will be removing “Sustainable” from the Fund name as well as making a slight amendment to the investment policy.


ISINCurrent Fund name Including Share ClassFund name After the Effective Date
LU0066649970UBS (Lux) Money Market AUD Sustainable P AccUBS (Lux) Money Market Fund - AUD P Acc
LU0033502740UBS (Lux) Money Market CHF Sustainable P AccUBS (Lux) Money Market Fund - CHF P Acc
LU0006344922UBS (Lux) Money Market EUR Sustainable P AccUBS (Lux) Money Market Fund - EUR P Acc
LU0006277635UBS (Lux) Money Market GBP Sustainable P AccUBS (Lux) Money Market Fund - GBP P Acc
LU0006277684UBS (Lux) Money Market USD Sustainable P AccUBS (Lux) Money Market Fund - USD P Acc


The Fund will continue to comply with Article 8 of the regulation on sustainability related disclosures in the financial services sector ("SFDR") however the Company will not categorise the Fund as a Sustainability Focus Fund and the commitment to have a 10% minimum proportion of sustainable investments has been removed. 


Furthermore the environmental and/or social characteristics section of the Fund's SFDR annex has been slightly amended. Please read the USB (Lux) notification opposite for further information of the changes.


These amendments have no no impact on the current composition of the Fund's portfolio.


For more information regarding UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) visit: