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Brand changes - Tilney funds

Following the merger of the Tilney Group with Smith & Williamson, the merged group has rebranded to "Evelyn Partners". As part of the group’s rebrand, 'Tilney' has been removed from the names of the funds under the existing Tilney Umbrellla A ICAV and Tilney UCITS ICAV range of funds.

The full “Evelyn Partners” brand is being used across both ICAV ranges, but has been shortened to “Evelyn” for each range of funds, as shown below. The changes took effect around 14 June 2022.


Tilney Umbrellla A ICAV (now Evelyn Partners Umbrella A ICAV)


Name before 14 June 2022Name effective from 14 June 2022
Tilney Umbrella A ICAVEvelyn Partners Umbrella A ICAV
Tilney Defensive PortfolioEvelyn Defensive Portfolio
Tilney Conservative PortfolioEvelyn Conservative Portfolio
Tilney Cautious PortfolioEvelyn Cautious Portfolio
Tilney Sustainable Cautious PortfolioEvelyn Sustainable Cautious Portfolio
Tilney Income PortfolioEvelyn Income Portfolio
Tilney Balanced PortfolioEvelyn Balanced Portfolio
Tilney Growth PortfolioEvelyn Growth Portfolio
Tilney Adventurous PortfolioEvelyn Adventurous Portfolio
Tilney Sustainable Adventurous PortfolioEvelyn Sustainable Adventurous Portfolio
Tilney Maximum Growth PortfolioEvelyn Maximum Growth Portfolio


Tilney UCITS ICAV (now Evelyn Partners UCITS ICAV)


Name before 14 June 2022Name effective from 14 June 2022
Tilney UCITS ICAVEvelyn Partners UCITS ICAV
Tilney Global Defensive PortfolioEvelyn Global Defensive Portfolio
Tilney Global Income PortfolioEvelyn Global Income Portfolio
Tilney Global Balanced PortfolioEvelyn Global Balanced Portfolio
Tilney Global Growth PortfolioEvelyn Global Growth Portfolio
Tilney Global Adventurous PortfolioEvelyn Global Adventurous Portfolio
Tilney Smart Cautious FundEvelyn Smart Cautious Fund
Tilney Smart Balanced FundEvelyn Smart Balanced Fund
Tilney Smart Growth FundEvelyn Smart Growth Fund
Tilney Smart Adventurous FundEvelyn Smart Adventurous Fund
Tilney Smart Maximum Growth FundEvelyn Smart Maximum Growth Fund
Tilney Global Conservative Direct FundEvelyn Global Conservative Direct Fund
Tilney Global Balanced Direct FundEvelyn Global Balanced Direct Fund
Tilney Global Adventurous Direct FundEvelyn Global Adventurous Direct Fund



For more details about Evelyn Partners visit the Evelyn Partners website.


To view the specific literature for the Evelyn Partners Umbrellla A ICAV funds go to the Evelyn Active Portfolios page.


To view the specific literature for the Evelyn Partners UCITS ICAV funds go to the  Evelyn Global Active Portfolios page.