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Preference fund range closure - Janus Henderson Emerging Markets Fund

Following a review, we will be removing the Janus Henderson Emerging Markets A2 Acc USD fund from the Preference defined fund range.

The fund was identified as no longer being suitable for the fund range as part of a performance monitoring review. 


Preference plan owners who already have a unit holding in the fund can continue to invest in the fund until they are switched out, however, the fund is now closed to additional top ups with immediate effect. Switches-in will no longer be accepted from Preference plan owners who do not currently invest in the fund. 


We have selected an alternative fund in the Emerging Markets Equity sector into which existing investors will be switched automatically between 13 and 27 April 2022. 


Closing fundDefault receiving fund
Janus Henderson Emerging Markets A2 Acc USD - LU0201073169

JPM Emerging Markets Equity A Dist USD – LU0053685615



If investors are happy with our choice of receiving fund then they do not need to do anything. However, if they would prefer to switch to a different fund they can do so at any time by sending us a completed switch form or submitting a switch online, if they have registered for online switching. 


We have written to plan owners, or their appointed investment adviser, who are impacted by the closure. A sample of the plan owner and investment adviser letters issued can be viewed opposite.

Impacts on this defined fund range product

Sample letters