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Fund name changes - rebrand of BMO funds

We have been notified by BMO Global Asset Management (“BMO”) of a branding change to its funds which will take effect from 4 July 2022 (the “Effective Date”).

BMO has advised that it will be rebranding BMO to Columbia Threadneedle Investments following the acquisition by Columbia Threadneedle’s parent, Ameriprise Financial, in 2021.


Aligned with this rebrand, the BMO fund ranges will be renamed with the prefix ‘CT’ from the Effective Date.


We feature the two funds below in our defined fund range products, which will be updated on the Effective date.


ISINFund name before Effective DateFund name after Effective Date
GB0030833650BMO Responsible Global Equity 1 Acc GBPCT Responsible Global Equity 1 Acc GBP
GB0030833981BMO Responsible UK Equity 1 Acc GBPCT Responsible UK Equity 1 Acc GBP


BMO has advised that there are no plans to change the way its funds are managed at this point.


The BMO notification opposite provides details of all the BMO fund name changes, which will also impact funds held by our portfolio bond investors.