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Change to investment horizon – Various Momentum Global Funds

Momentum Global Funds ("Momentum") has amended the investment horizon for various funds in its fund range, which took effect 16 August 2021.

Available in our open-architecture products

The funds feature in our open-architecture products and will be subject to changes detailed in the Momentum notification document opposite.


Available in our defined fund range products

The funds can be found in our defined fund range products Oracle, Paragon, Quantum, RSP (including Malaysia variants), LifePlan and Protected Lifestyle. A summary of the changes to the investment horizon are detailed in the table below. 


Momentum have confirmed that these changes will not impact on the way that the funds are managed or their respective risk profiles. 


You can view a copy of the Momentum notification document opposite for a detailed breakdown of all the changes. 


Fund nameCurrent investment horizonNew investment horizon

Harmony Portfolios Sterling Balanced 

Harmony Portfolios Asian Growth 

Harmony Portfolios Sterling Growth 

Harmony Portfolios US Dollar Growth

3 years or longer 

5 years or longer 

4 years or longer

4 years or longer


5 years or longer 

7 years or longer 

6 years or longer

6 years or longer




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