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Be more informed with our user guides and access handy calculators which can help you work out how much you need to save to reach your investment goals and understand what the impact of inflation can have on your savings.

User guides

Fund Centre User Guide 
Get the most out of our free, interactive fund centres by reading our user guide. Understand how easy it is to monitor the performance of funds you already invest in or research new options. Discover how to create a fund performance graph, filter and then shortlist fund options based on your requirements, produce a fund performance bulletin and examine fund performance statistics using three different measures. 


The fund centres are for our products with a defined fund range.





A guide to understanding the Portfolio X-Ray Report 
This guide describes how to make use of the Portfolio X-Ray report and explains a little more about each section of the Portfolio X-Ray report to help you better understand the elements that affect the composition of a portfolio.