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Pre-season update

Tom is starting 2024 with a plan to build momentum for the new season. 


I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like this winter has been a rather long one! The spring weather seems to be on the horizon though and with that comes my golf season too.


It’s been a different winter for me compared to the last few years – it’s been a bit frustrating at times in terms of my off-season work being really limited with the weather and many other things demanding my time away from the golf course. With all of that though, I’ve been doing lots of work in other areas that didn’t necessarily involve being on the golf course; working on mindset, presence of mind and various other parts of the mental game, as well as physically. 


Last month I took on a casual contract within the IFGL Investments Team down at Royal Court which is a bit of a change, but it’s great to get back into a routine and to see many familiar faces!! 


Moving forward, I am heading out to Dubai in March to play a few events and really ramp up my practice again in some (hopefully) warm weather. I’m really looking forward to implementing some of the improvements I have made under the guidance of my coaching team since last season and to trying to regain the momentum I felt I was gathering in the latter months of the 2023 season.


I’m expecting I’ll likely experience some tournament ‘rustiness’ in Dubai but that’s the whole point of this trip really – I noticed that in the last few seasons I started slowly and took several events to get competitive, but I think this was due to a lack of early season tournament golf or warm weather practice, so I’m making sure I put that right for this year! 


My season will really kick off in April and I’m very excited for what’s to come with opportunities every week to get myself back up the rankings and on to the Challenge Tour and hopefully the DP World Tour again. So fingers crossed things start to go my way, I’ll certainly be giving it my best as I always do. For now though, I look forward to seeing many of you at Royal Court and wish everyone the very best for the year!

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