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Sew and her team in our Middle East office believe in getting to the heart of the RL360 customer experience.

Sew’s a listener, who gets the best out of the customer services team she manages in Dubai by working with them to achieve the best for our customers.

“I don’t tell the team what to do, I work with them, because I may not always have the best solutions,” said Sew. “They are, after all, the ones who are doing the work day after day. We pride ourselves on being pro-active, we share our ideas and work together to provide a better service to advisers and our customers.”

Sew Noronha, Office manager, Dubai

Sew believes in always getting right to the heart of the matter. “If someone wants to talk to me I would always pick up the phone. My team and I don’t believe in hiding behind emails.”

A direct and open approach is one of the things Sew believes sets RL360 apart from its competitors. “We are not acting as a typical contact centre, where you just get the standard responses.”

It is, in fact, one of Sew’s stated goals to ensure RL360 stands out from the pack. “I want us to be set apart from our competitors. Adviser and customer feedback shows we are achieving that. They tell us they recognise us as a more approachable company, providing a personalised service.

“Because we are a small team here, the advisers know us by name and we know them by name.”

Sew believes in the principles of efficiency, commitment, practicality and team spirit. These high standards permeate not only Sew’s work but that of our customer service teams across the globe.

Our aim? To provide you with a personalised service in an impersonal world.