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RL360° Protected
Lifestyle Lebanon Fund Centre

A flexible life assurance policy tailored to meet your protection needs. Life cover with extras, for clients in Lebanon.

Welcome to the RL360° Protected Lifestyle Lebanon fund centre

Need to find out more about a specific fund or range of funds available via RL360° Protected Lifestyle Lebanon? If so you'll find this tool invaluable. You can search for a fund by name or ISIN using the search box below. There is a multitude of information available from pricing to performance and factsheets to charts.

Please note:

  • All underlying data is supplied by Morningstar and RL360° cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.
  • In some instances the fund names displayed may differ slightly to how they are reflected on RL360° systems. Performance tabs are calculated in fund currency and are not rebased.
  • A Key Investor Information Document (KIID) 'risk rating' is generally only available for UCITS funds.
  • You can use the charting tool to track historic prices and download them into excel.
  • The fund factsheet available on most tabs will be a RL360° version based on Morningstar data, but you can view the fund managers factsheet, prospectus and KIID via the 'Documents' tab.
  • A bid/offer spread of 2.5% applies to fund switches and new premium payments (with the exception of the Lebanese Deposit Fund where a bid/offer spread does not apply).
  • You can print a fund performance bulletin that contains cumulative, annualised and discrete returns for all funds, per product, in one booklet. This means the bulletin will contain many pages, so think before you print!


Financial advice

This is only a summary and general introduction to RL360° Protected Lifestyle Lebanon. You should speak to your financial adviser and read the RL360° Protected Lifestyle Lebanon literature suite before making a decision. We can only accept business that is introduced via a financial adviser.

Lebanese Deposit Fund (LDF)

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