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10 Things that will make TT 2022 better and stronger than ever

10 May 2022

TT infographic

Like many other world-class events, the Isle of Man TT was wiped out by the coronavirus pandemic in both 2020 and 2021. During that time, TT organisers have worked hard to restore the world’s greatest road racing spectacle and have also started to implement some fundamental changes that were necessary to secure its long-term future. Now that the long wait is nearly over, here are just some of the things that will make TT 2022 not only better but stronger than ever.

1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

The recent hiatus is only the second time since World War II that the TT was cancelled. The event was already a ‘must see’ for motorsport fans across the globe and since absence only makes the heart grow fonder, you can expect the energy for the 2022 TT to be at full throttle.

2. TT to be broadcast live for the first time

This year fans will be able to enjoy live TV coverage for the first time. The TT will launch its dedicated digital channel in the spring and will deliver live coverage of all the action from around the world-famous TT course straight to your smart TV or device.

3. All new TT Fan Park

Off the track, fans will also be treated to a new TT Fan Park based in Noble’s Park. Over the full 2 weeks, there will be a raft of entertainment on offer including full and uninterrupted coverage of the races showing on large screens, live music, games competitions and more.

4. Greater access to TT heroes

TT organisers have said that fans will have greater access to their TT heroes than ever before, with signing sessions and famous TT prize presentations.

5. Extended qualifying sessions

TT Qualifying Week is the Isle of Man TT’s best-kept secret and this year the TT will kick off with an expanded qualifying session on Sunday 29 May. These will run until the final qualifying session on Friday 4 June.

6. Riders to wear CE-approved clothing

All riders will be required to wear CE-approved kit – that includes gloves, leathers, helmet and all equipment - in 2022. The TT is a thrilling experience but it’s also inherently dangerous, and these new measures will help ensure the riders have the best possible equipment to protect themselves in an accident.

7. Bespoke GPS tracking system to be rolled out

The TT is rolling out a bespoke GPS tracking system in 2022 to monitor riders and key support vehicles. The system will deliver real-time data from all around the circuit, which will be available to fans via the official website.

8. New medical centre

A new 40ft transporter with eight sliding sides will be located in the paddock and will act as a new, state of the art medical centre to look after the riders in the event of an accident.

9. Warm-up laps introduced

The race-day programme has been re-vamped to include a single warm-up lap for competitors, taking place every morning before racing starts. This will replace the midweek qualifying and practice sessions, allowing for more seamless daily schedules with roads opening earlier. As a result, you’ll be able to get out and about a bit more to enjoy what else the Island has to offer.

10. The RL360 Superstock TT Race returns

RL360 is once again sponsoring the TT Superstock Race, as it has done since 2002. There’s no other motorsport event like the TT anywhere else in the world and for 2 long weeks fans can revel in thrilling races and world class entertainment - all amongst the beautiful scenery of the Isle of Man. It’s good to be back.