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Top 10 Travel Tips

29 June 2015

As International Sales Director for RL360, Simon Pack is a seasoned traveller. Here, he offers his top 10 tips for making getting from A to B that little bit easier:

1) Pack the night before to give yourself time to re check that you have everything.

2) Go through a mental check list to make sure you have all of your work clothes if travelling at weekends - cuff links, ties etc.

3) Do you have the right adaptors for the countries you are visiting? South Africa is different than most others worldwide.

4) Ensure all electronic gadgets, phones etc are fully charged before you leave home.

5) When booking hotels ensure they have free WiFi.

6) Leave early for the airport, the worst case scenario is you have to sit around for a few hours - travel stress free.

7) Know where the airport lounges are and if you are a frequent traveller buy a Priority Pass.

8) Set your watch to the time of the country you are travelling to before you depart.

9) Aim to sleep on the plane based on the time you are travelling to and not just when you are tired.

10) Ignore all health warnings and enjoy the wine - it's free!!