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Top places to eat on the TT Course

26 April 2023

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Racing is the main attraction at the Isle of Man TT Races; however, the island has much more to offer than just its thrilling circuit. The Isle of Man is known for its delicious cuisine, including freshly sourced seafood and exceptional farm food. There’s also an exciting brewing and distilling scene, with brands such as Bushys and Okells beer, and Fynoderee Distillery.

So, we thought we would make it easier for you to find the best place to eat a good meal right on the TT course in order of appearance around the track.

People sat on picnic benches with the grandstand and food vans behind

1. The Grandstand – Douglas

The world famous Grandstand transforms over TT week into an exciting headquarters for the world’s best racers, alive and buzzing with live events, shops and more.

The Grandstand has a variety fast-food outlets, as well as providing a behind-the-scenes look at the start line, pit lane and paddocks. The Grandstand allows you to get up close and personal with all the racers, their teams and their bikes.

For more information about the Grandstand click here

The front of the Crosby pub with bikes parked all around

2. The Crosby – Crosby

The Crosby is a Heron and Brearley brewery-owned pub, just a few miles from the start line. Right on the fourth milestone of the TT course, its large beer garden is a fabulous place to sit, offering a wide range of drinks, as well as great food in a welcoming atmosphere. The only “downside” is that the Crosby pub is inside the Course, so once the roads are closed you’re in for the duration.

Road-side spectators watching a motorbike drive past outside the Hawthorn

3. The Hawthorn – Glen Vine

The Hawthorn is firmly established as a food destination offering fresh, homemade traditional pub grub and international dishes to suit a wide range of tastes. The Hawthorn offers an upstairs terrace in the sun overlooking the sixth mile of the course, as well as plenty of parking.

People and tables on a deck outside the Lodge, surrounded by trees

4. The Lodge at Glen Helen – Glen Helen

The Lodge is a family owned café nestled away in the trees on the ninth mile. The café is known for providing a warm welcome, delicious menu and has plenty of places to park your bike.

A great place to relax, eat and watch the bikes as they wind their way up to the Cronk Y Voddy Straight, one of the fastest parts of the course.

External shot of the front of The Mitre with picnic benches in front

5. The Mitre Pub – Kirk Michael

The Mitre is the oldest pub in the Isle of Man.

Its beer garden overlooks the fifteenth milestone on the TT course, and is a welcoming and friendly place to sit and watch the races. This pub is in the quaint village of Kirk Michael, which comes alive at TT with its large campsite, Glen Wyllin, being a popular choice for campers.

Motorbikes speeding over Ballaugh Bridge with The Raven in the background

6. The Raven – Ballaugh

The Raven offers one of the most spectacular vantage points for TT spectators on the mountain course. This iconic pub is sat in a prime location on the Ballaugh Bridge, the seventeenth mile, a popular and exciting position on the TT course, where you can watch as the bikes take flight over the famous humpbacked bridge. Enjoy a good meal and a pint of Ravens Claw (a beer brewed exclusively for this pub) in cosy surroundings.

External shot of the Sulby Glen pub

7. The Sulby Glen – Sulby

The Sulby Glen Hotel is possibly the only pub in the world with a Honda 4 motor converted into a beer pump. Sulby Straight is where the bikes race flat-out with speeds approaching 200mph. The Sulby Glen Hotel offers visitors a prime view of the fastest part of the course and you are also assured of good food and drink.

External shot of the Ginger Hall hotel

8. Ginger Hall Hotel – Sulby

The Ginger Hall Hotel is a cracking spot on the 20th mile of the course. Not only does this hotel offer a place to rest your head at night, but during the day it comes alive, offering a warm welcome, live music, good food and plenty of parking for all guests to pitch their tent for the day.

External shot of the Hutch cafe front with tables outside

9. The Hutch – Ramsey

Ramsey has many great places to eat and drink. A new place on the course is The Hutch. They offer a wide variety of burgers, wraps, salads and more, all in sight of the bikes as they head through Parliament Square on the 24th milestone. The Hutch is hugely popular amongst locals, and has five star rating across social media.

Image of the Victory Cafe outside wall with bikes parked in front

10. Victory Café – Mountain

Located at the Bungalow on the mountain section of the course, Victory Café offers a warm welcome, serving delicious pies and traditional hearty food.

The Victory Café operates from an old Cold War era Rotor Radar Station, overlooking the 31st Milestone of the TT racecourse. This cafe has its own cinema room with airplane seating and a range of TT film favourites on repeat, as well as a souvenir shop and bar. This is ‘must visit’ for food and bike lovers alike.

External shot of the Creg ny Baa

11. Creg ny Baa – Mountain

The “Creg” is one of the most famous pub in motorsport, situated in a fabulous viewing spot on the world famous TT course. The Creg provides an unparalleled view as the motorbikes come down off the mountain, as well as a phenomenal view across the hills. This pub is close to the action, and a timeless classic.