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Top 10 Winter Break Destinations | RL360

11 December 2023

woman in a hat looking through a set of upside down binoculars and smiling.


If you’re looking for something a bit different to do in the dark winter months, you could do worse than to look for inspiration around the globe. So, this winter, why not consider one of our top 10 winter break destinations for you and your family? Read on for inspiration!

a market with many stalls all with red and whte striped roofs and yellow lights. its very quaint.

1. Visit traditional Christmas markets in Germany

The tradition of Christmas Markets in Germany goes back to 1530. Since then it has become a huge celebration, making the holiday season magical and exiting. Come November, you can enjoy local food, mulled wine, colourful lights, and a beautifully decorated tree at almost every Christmas Market. The markets are also brought to life with live music, carolling and Christmas performances. One of the markets that should be in your must-go list is Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt which is presumed to be one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world.

the sign outside icehotel #31 with artistic abstract ice shapes outsite.

2. Experience peak winter at Icehotel Sweden

Embrace the cold and embark on an icy adventure at Icehotel in Sweden. Located in Jukkasjärvi next to the Torne River, start your Icehotel experience by taking a dogsled from the airport to the hotel on a 90 minute journey like no other. The snow-covered region is perfect for an immersive winter experience such as ice fishing, ice sculpting, dog and reindeer sleighing, or a ride on a snowmobile. You can end your day relaxing in a warm sauna. With sustainability in mind, the hotel is solar powered and is built from a block of ice borrowed from the River Torne which is then returned back to its source once the weather gets warmer and it simply melts back into the river.

Adelie penguins, common among the entire coast of the antactic continent, they are the most widespread penguin species and the most southerly distributed of all penguins.

3. See penguins in Antarctica

After Sir David Attenborough’s programme on Antarctica many years ago, more people are visiting this cold and desolate continent. The reason for this is Antarctica is home to seven different species of penguins. One of the best places to watch these flightless birds is at the Antarctic Sound at the north-east of the Antarctic Peninsula where you can find 135,000 breeding pairs, large Emperor penguins, seals and whales. Some tours limit the number of people who can visit at one time whilst others don’t allow visitors to roam freely in an effort to protect the wildlife in the region.

Lagavulin distillery seen from the habour.

4. Keep warm in a pub in Islay

This quaint island located in the south of Scotland is a perfect getaway for whisky lovers and travellers who want to experience life in a small quiet town. Go on a tour visiting all nine whisky distilleries in Islay and enjoy cool walks along the beautiful beaches the island has to offer. Warm up next to a fire at the local pub, sipping on a warm pint and be serenaded by local music and folk song. Come November, you’ll also get to attend Islay Sessions, a small folk music festival that is popular to locals.

a smiling person with orange skis seen from below as if you fell over in the snow and are about to be run over.

5. Go skiing in Canada

Why not go on a ski adventure at the Big White ski resort in Canada? Just an hour’s drive from Kelowna International Airport, the resort is great for newbies as it is not overly crowded with tourists. Take on the different terrain and challenge your skills as a skier at all the different ski spots the resort has to offer. You can take the opportunity to ski on lighter, fluffy snow and be sure to practice your short turns before testing out your tree skiing skills.

the northern lights accross a fjord, they are green and blue.

6. Watch the northern lights in Iceland

There are many great spot for you to watch the northern lights in Reykjavik. The best time to watch the northern lights will be between September and April when you should be able to catch them somewhere without any light pollution. Bask in their beauty at Grandi Area and the Old Harbour or simply drive 30 minutes away from the city centre to Heidmörk Park and follow a trail to a lake for an unforgettable view.

trees covered in snow at the side of a river, which is very blue.

7. Visit the frozen Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

This Unesco Heritage site is a picturesque wonder that has 16 lakes that are connected by cascading waterfalls that transforms into a frozen wonderland during winter. The mix of the white snow and the turquoise lake is not only wondrous to the eyes, but they also make a great spot for photography. Explore the tranquil and quiet park anislayd be one with nature on a snowy hike and more outdoor activities.

presumably newyork lights, theres christmas tree, fairy lights and some angel statues.

8. Watch the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in New York

For decades, the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Rockefeller Centre has been a holiday staple for many. Over a million Americans watch the ceremony that is broadcast live on TV whilst New Yorkers and tourists make their way to Rockefeller Centre to watch in person. Experience ice-skating under the 80ft tree decorated with over 50,000 colourful LED lights, for a magical evening in New York. Whilst in New York, you could also join the New Year’s Eve celebration at Times Square and witness the ball dropping to usher in the New Year.

a set of decorative terrace houses carved from snow

9. Visit Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan

The Sapparo Snow Festival is a captivating experience of Japanese winter wonderland in Hokkaido that was originally started by a group of students in 1950 who wanted to make a few snow sculpture displays for the townspeople. Since then, the festival has attracted millions of visitors each year who desire to indulge in delicious Hokkaido food and drink and take a stroll through a magnificent show of snow sculptures ranging from Japanese characters, buildings and a magical light show projected onto some snow sculptures.

Kutubiyya Mosque, which is the largest morsque in the Marrakesh, located in the southwest medina quarter. The minaret tower has a main shaft and a secondary tower above it with a dome, and a finial of four orbs.

10. Escape winter altogether

Escape the cold weather and set out on a journey to a perfectly warm paradise that is Marrakech. Wander down the streets and enjoy the amazing prices of off-peak season shopping and indulge in local cuisine. Have a relaxed week with exciting tours around Marrakech visiting different markets, museums, mosques, palaces and tea rooms. With all these different holiday plans and activities you can enjoy, the only thing to do now is to plan and to book the perfect trip for you and your family.